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Our Work With Historical Clients

ADB Fire Apparatus, Inc.

Aethra / AE Video Conferencing

Airline Software Inc. / ASI

Alarm Supply Co.

Advanced Digital Data, Inc. / ADD Systems

Allied Signal Inc. / Performance Additives

Alternatives in Health Management / MMC

Amerex Oil Associates, Inc. / AMEREX

Ames Rubber Company

Amfine Chemical Corporation

Amthor Tank Company, Inc.

Arde Barinco Inc.

Ares Realty Capital

Association of United Contractors of America / AUCA

AT&T Business

AT&T Employees Federal Credit Union

Atlite Lighting Company

BASF Corporation / Colorants & Coatings

C.O.P.S. Monitoring

Cairns & Brother, Inc.

Cartridge Rental Network, Inc. / Columbia Pictures

Central Jersey Savings Bank

Clariant Specialty Chemicals

CMA Consulting Group

Coleman Electrical Supply Co., Inc.

Colorite Polymers Company

Columbia University / Alumni Association

Community Bank of Bergen County

Cookson Pigments, Inc. / Aqualor

Corby Industries, Inc.

County College of Morris

CyberTech Polymers

Daniel Products Company, Inc.

Digitize, Inc.

Brooklyn Development / DBDA

Electronic Concepts, Inc.

Emergency Products Corporation / EPC

Energy Kinetics, Inc. / System 2000

Engelhard Corporation

Enhanced Communications, Inc.

Epsom Salt Industry Council

Exprinter International USA / Equinox

GAF Chemicals Corp.

Garafano Tank Service

Gasoline Marketers of America / GMA

General Stamping Co. Inc.     

Hoechst Celanese Corporation

Hospital Underwriter Mutual Insurance Company / HUM

Hudson United Bank 

IDX Technologies, Inc.

Intellisource Information Systems

International Seasoning & Spice Co.

International Shared Services / ISS

International Specialty Products Inc. / ISP

International Water Corporation / IWC      

Internet Crusade

Internet Evangelists

Itran Rubber Corporation

King Industries, Inc.

KingAlarm Distributors, Inc.

King Central Monitoring

Kirby Computers Systems, Inc.

Komline-Sanderson Corporation

L&M Architectural Graphics

Lacka Lock and Safe Corp

Le Dernier Cri Ltd.

Long Island College Hospital / LICH

Malta Tourism

Marketshare Communication Corporation

Matrix Corporation

Matrix Instruments, Inc.

Mini-Computer Systems

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company / MGA

Mobile Steam Rental Corporation

Mobilecore, Inc.

Morristown Cardiology Associates / MCA

Morristown Medical Center

Mount Vernon Hospital

Mul-T-Lock USA Inc.

N.W. Ayer / De Beers Diamonds

New Rochelle Hospital & Medical Center

NextRE, Inc.

New Jersey Kenworth

NorCrown Bank          

Palestine Telecommunications / PalTel

Panasonic / Batteries

Panasonic / Power

Panasonic / MegaStorage

Panasonic Industrial Company

Perennial Software, Inc. / Sedona

Potters Industries Inc.


Pettit Marine Paint

Pittston Petroleum

Plantex USA, Inc.

PQ Corporation / Visibead

Press Corps Inc.

Progress Federal Bank of Pennsylvania


Publex Corporation / Fuel Oil News / Petroleum Equipment

Reheis, Inc.

Royce Associates

SafetyCare, Inc.   

Samsung Camera

Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc.

Schweizerhall Inc. / SNET

Shelton Savings Bank of Connecticut

Siedle Intercom

Spartech Polycom Color & Specialty Compounds

SuiteStar, Inc.

Surgeonics Limited / Power Sentry

Swarco Americas, Inc.

Symbolic Systems, Inc.

Systems of the Future, Inc.

TALKX / ABS Systems, Inc.

Telecommunications Power Systems, Inc. / TPS

Telular-Adcor Security Products, Inc.

The Jayson Company

The National Association of Police Organizations / NAPO

The Olayan Group

The Park Avenue Bank of New York

The Vision Group / Easy Reach

Transamerica Airlines

Tribolt Industries, Inc. / Verisafe     

Troy Chemical Corporation

TRW, Inc. / Recon Services

UniChem Products

Vantage Petroleum

Vella Group, LLC

Vertex Industries

Vianova Resins / Hoechst

Vision Electrical Contractors

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. / Cairns

William Marion Company, Inc.

Zia Corporation