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    The Olayan Group Launches New Website in Honor of its 62nd Anniversary
New York City, NY – In celebration of more than 60 years of building its reputation on a bedrock of dedication, integrity, teamwork, continual improvement, and growth, The Olayan Group today launched a newly redesigned website created by Vamcom.

Vamcom’s creative handling of animations on the homepage is important for visual interest, but from an e-commerce perceptive the most strategic aspects are the 50-odd operating company “microsites” incorporated within the website.

The microsites for each of the Group’s Operating Companies are essentially websites in their own right, featuring their own Overview, Current News, Management, Contact Info, and Employment pages within the larger website, and each updatable by the individual company’s management. User access to individual microsites can be achieved directly through their unique internet address.

The Olayan Group's redesigned website itself includes a number of important enhancements in functionality and interface, aimed at making it more engaging and easier to navigate. The new site is better organized, more customizable, and more interactive.

Besides the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology behind the scenes for advanced user interface and more facile maintenance by Olayan staff directly, the site has a new look and feel to reflect the enterprise’s focus on product distribution, manufacturing, services and investment.
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