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    Amfine Chemical Makes Use of Animated Billboards on its Website to Demonstrate the Value of its Products
Vamcom Advertising has developed and launched a dynamic homepage for Amfine Chemicalís website that departs from the companyís "classic," minimalist approach and embarks on a new look that features animated product billboards based on its product categories. Click to view.

Given the near universal presence of broadband, Amfine is comfortable in adopting this technology recommended by Vamcom and moving away from its decade-old design (also developed by Vamcom with the then-prevailing technology). The new homepage offers a more graphically rich experience, featuring multiple themes that users can choose from.

The 5 rotating billboards that appear on the homepage demonstrate the featured products categories for its polymer additives: Flame Retarding, Light Stabilizing, PVC Stabilizing, Clarifying and UV Absorbing, and in turn link them to related video and full detail on the specific products.
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Vamcom Advertising
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Dynamic design for Amfine Chemicalís website features animated billboards based on its polymer product categories.
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